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Welcome to my World. I am excited to share my knowledge, vision and before all passion with you and to make YOU better! Rowing could provide multiple health and sports specific benefits to you when learned and executed how to do so properly. My goal is to make you better in what you do using Rowing machine and leave you with knowledge about Rowing. Rowing has much bigger picture then most people, athletes and non Rowing coaches see and know about it. I was Rowing World Champion at age of 16 and I've coached numerous Rowing European, World and Olympic athletes. My expertise and passion has allowed me train with some of best athletes in the World from various sports; NBA, NFL, MMA, Formula 1. Regardless if you are trying and striving to improve your life, loose weight, become faster and better. I want to and will do my best to help you and see your progress. I encourage you to ask questions at any time and leave comments. I am looking forward to hear from you and to train with you. Thank you.